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“Education is not a preparation of life, but it is life itself” The future of India depends upon the sound education of its people and FIT FOR JOB understands this and strives for it.

Our Colleges and Universities are producing thousands of under graduates & graduates every year. But from my two decades of personal experiences as the founder and ex CEO of India’s largest Computer Centre which has placed thousands of students in various companies in and outside Kerala including Gulf countries, I understand and realize that the conventional and traditional education system in India is inadequate and insufficient to cater the diverse needs of Indian and Foreign employers. Most of the students when they enter the job market face the grim reality that many of them lack employability as they are poor in communication and other job skills and knowledge of the Industries.

FIT FOR JOB understands this lacuna and we help our students to find the most demanding and most rewarding New Generation jobs providing necessary training in the areas concerned, Airline-Airport Management, Shipping-Logistics& Supply Chain Management, whereby they get their dream job when they are out from our college. I understand that ‘to be born as poor is not our mistake but to die as poor is our mistake’ as Bill Gates said and many of the successful and respectful persons the world had seen came from poor families. It is my great desire to help such students who are marginalized for one or other reasons and to help and uplift them, we fix the total fees for these courses as low as possible which can be easily afforded by such financially backwards students too.

We help all our students to leverage their skills and knowledge for better performances and bridge the gap between the academic and corporate world and provide our students with wonderful resources for self improvement and betterment of their career that ultimately help them in their professional and social life.

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